Monday, August 9, 2010

Free Wood = Build Some Shelves

Finally homes are being built again on our street. As I watched the transformation of the street I couln't help but notice all the quality wood that gets thrown away into the dumpsters. Free wood just sitting there for the taking, what to do? I looked at my garage and noticed the mess and knew that shelves were required to clean up some of this.

After a couple nights dumpster diving around the neigborhood I finally had exactly what we needed. I got to work and a couple hours later....WaaaLaaa.

I know what you're thinking, hey Brad it still looks messy. Well it's a huge improvement from what we had before. Amber told me I should have taken a before and after pic but we don't have any before pics so just trust me.


Lori said...

Way to go Brad, you are so resourceful. It looks good. Imagine what you can do if you build another shelf for things...everything could be off the ground.

Tutu Qute said...

Brad I started reading this post as if it came from Amber. LOL I was like what's a prego woman doing dumpster diving? So funny! Great job!

vjc said...

so glad to see some news here! congratulations!

Rae said...

Love it lots. And ps I had no idea you guys had a blog. Now I am in. Reading it.